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Frequently Asked Questions

What is

We offer the unique service to offer you jobs a game tester - even without previous work experience. There are only a few personal details necessary that does not take much time when you sign up. Our customer service will instantly check your data and confirms if you qualify to become a game tester. So you have an immediate decision if you are eligible to become a game tester.

How old do I have to be at least?

Most game manufacturers are looking for game testers from the age of 16, as this age largely corresponds to the age of the target group of their customers. There are, however, exceptions, in which younger game testers are wanted. This differs individually from the job offer. Therefore, there is no minimum age required.

Which services are included?

Immediately after unlocking your profile, we take the following steps:

  • Processing your information manually
  • Individual creation of your unique applicant profile
  • Our job placement experts are looking for the best job opportunities that are perfectly tailored to you
  • Professional communication and negotiations with potential prospects
  • Lists several job offers that you can accept or decline

What happens when a job placement was successful?

If you like one of our job offers, we'll contact you and do everything in our power to get you started earning money as a game tester as soon as possible. We will always keep you up to date about the current status.

Why shouldn't I apply to game companies by myself?

You will save yourself any application effort, tedious communication (including formalities) and a lot of time with us.
In addition, through our years of direct contact with game companies, we have many job opportunities that are not published in traditional job markets. We also give you access to hard-to-reach contacts and protect you by automatically filtering out any dubious job offers.
We therefore do not recommend that you go through the application process by yourself, to save you even the frustration not getting a response from the provider.

Is the profession as a game tester legitimate?

Yes, just like the profession of a journalist, the profession is recognized as a game tester or editor and reputable. Important here is the question of whether the provider is a legitimate provider. In most reports, game testers are unfortunately often associated with dubious providers, making the profession as a game tester or as a game journalist generally not highly regarded.
We are proud that, as one of the first placement platforms, we have made a big impact on this job market through numerous job placements, excellent reviews and a lot of feedback from satisfied game testers. Thus, we contribute to the fact that the relationship of trust between game manufacturers and game testers is growing day by day.

What are the benefits of when a job placement was successful?

First and foremost, we always had the goal to offer the possibility that the profession as a game tester is considered higher and that the career entry is greatly facilitated.
At the same time we have managed to connect the game manufacturers and gamers more closely to each other, which is often difficult.
In addition, we receive a placement fee for successful job placements from the respective provider, just like similar recruitment services. We use this compensation to invest in our modern website, marketing campaigns and paying our employees to offer our members the best user experience.